RULE NO 1 Movie Review, Plot And Overview


RULE NO 1 movie is a Nigerian Romance film directed by Lyndsey Efejeku. The 1hr45min movie, which was produced by Afurobi Oluchi centers on the life of two mid-age, single ladies; Tega and Stephanie. Both characters played by Chinonso Young and Keira Hewatch respectively.

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RULE NO 1 movie is set to be released on the 1st of June which is around the corner. The movie tells of two female childhood friends, Tega and Steph. With both living together in their state of the heart apartment in a suburb of Lagos. However with each of them like night and day, equally unique in different ways. Also goes about life differently.

Tega, a nerd, isolated, indoorsy, computer engineer. While Steph, a carefree, bubbly, works as customer rep at a bank. Though the movie just does not give us enough in the beginning scenes to believe in the enduring friendship of the roommates and best friends, but you can tell as the movie plays on.

The two ladies lived an opposite life, peacefully until Tamuno- played by Bucci Franklin came along. That obviously shock the legs of their friendship.

Steph and Tamuno met at what appears to be eatery. Seemingly, the duo had met previously and Steph refused to give her contact. Now Tamuno is determined to woo her this time. All Steph wants was to have fun while she can. She wouldn’t take money, ready to mingle with anyone, she is not ready to settle.

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In equally same location separated by time zone, Tamuno was begging his way into getting Tega’s contact. The night fought its way into the heart of the most indoorsy Tega who might have found a lover. Events played on the duo and by the end of the night, they both tripping. They seem to have connected immediately. Tamuno is seeing two best of friends at the same time.

Tega is a virgin. She hasn’t done this before. Steph gave Tega sex talk while she stares in disbelief. Once you have a bite of it, baby girl, you going to want to come back, Steph tells Tega. Rainy day, Tega finds herself going to Tamuno’s. He nervous too. She just wants to get it over with. Well, slow music, red bra, kisses, dark room, muscles contrasting.

In the end, after the two girls found out they have been seeing the same guy, they invited him over. You may be expecting a lot of emotions but instead, they chose to play around it. At some point, they shift focus to who is superior and fit to be dated by Tamuno? A guy has been screwing you two and what you are bothered about is class comparison!?

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If anyone felt the hurt, it was Tega. She was more pained. She didn’t see it coming.


  • Bucci Franklin
  • Keira Hewatch
  • Chinonso Young


  • Genre(s):- Romance
  • Release Date:- 1 July 2018
  • Produced By:- Oluchi Afurobi
  • Directed By:- Yndsey Efejuku
  • Run Time:- 1hr45mins
  • Country:- Nigeria
  • Language:- English