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Saga of Sins (PS4) Game Review: Atoning for your sins

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Things don’t have to be hectically innovative to be good. This is a enough introductory point but I suppose it’s a really important one when it comes to the geography of ultramodern gaming. Occasionally devs strive to go so far outside the box with what they’re doing they fully lose the core point of what every game should be; fun. So it’s fair to say that although the gaming community is always looking for Things different to sink their teeth into, and that with the absolute deluge of content we’re getting games need to stand out; they also need to be playable and pleasurable. This point is important when we look at the moment’s game. Saga of Sins isn’t the most innovative game out there, but let’s see what there is to know about this game.

Saga of Sins (PS4) Game Review, gaming

To give you a veritably brief overview of Saga of Sins, you’ll be taking the part of Cecil a crusading knight who has returned home to the city of Sinwell. What he finds is that the townsfolk have fallen to sin and chaos has replaced them. Taking the form of important brutes Cecil must enter the minds of the tormented and save their souls from whichever of the seven sins has taken up hearthstone there. This is a veritably loose idea of the story and there’s further to the plot than that but that gives you an idea. I’m getting the feeling that by helping all of the alloyed souls you’re walking into a bigger trap but I’ll have to play further to see whether I’m right.

Coming back to what I was saying in the morning, a saga of Sins is a fairly introductory feeling hall platformer. I’m not saying this as a personality, by the way, I suppose it’s necessary for all the other rudiments in this game to really shine. The clever aspects of this title come in position design and graphical choices. There are also other rudiments that make this a really replayable title that I’ll explain as we go.

Saga of Sins Design Themes

I really like the way that the situations stand out from one another in Saga of Sins. It would have been really easy to give the situations representing the different sins a different look aesthetically, chuck in a bunch of new adversaries, and call it a day. What they ’ve done is add mechanics that fit the theme of the sin you’re battling. For illustration, the sin of Sloth sees you having to deal with sinking platforms. This can make reaching certain areas above them nearly insolvable if you aren’t on your toes. As these platforms frequently have cases sitting on them this isn’t a small annoyance.

The sin of Greed on the other hand presents you with a lake of liquid gold and cases that spew coins that you want to avoid because they’ll drain the total gold you formerly have. This is really smart on the part of the devs because it leaves you wondering what you’ll hassle coming and makes complacency dangerous.

In addition to the clever design choices I’ve just mentioned the situations you’ll hassle are also replayable for those of you that want to find everything there’s to find and collect every casket. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that you can’t always annul fluently to collect cases you know you’ve missed. In some cases, you simply won’t be suitable to get to them on account of them being out of reach.

Saga of Sins Locations

Some of the situations on the other hand are perpendicular and because you’re dropping you can’t always just jump back to where you were. Some cases are visible but might not be accessible on your first run. For one, you might simply not be suitable to figure out a way into the secret space where they’re retired but also Saga of Sins has a Metroidvania aspect where you won’t be suitable to pierce certain areas until you’ve uncorked more forms. This is smart because anything that makes a completionist’s life harder is going to add replayability for them.

To give you further to suppose about,( as if you didn’t have enough formerly,) you can also jump into the minds of angels. Not every member of the townsfolk has been corrupted by sin, the minds of children are still pure and some of the characters, like you, weren’t in the city when the tragedy passed. These are mystification situations that will reap prices in the form of gold if you’re suitable to break them. Take it from me that you’ll need to go back to some of these. Like the rest of the game, you won’t be suitable to do everything in one go.

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