Shaolin Soccer! Movie To Watch Getting ready for the World Cup Final


Shaolin Soccer movie is, of course, one movie you should revisit while waiting for the World Cup Final. Stephen Chow’s over-the-top 2001 martial arts comedy is always worth revisiting, but even more so during World Cup fever. There are so many options available these days, and recommendations as much, that it’s hard to figure out you could be watching.

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The 2001 Hong Kong action-comedy Shaolin Soccer would be perfect. Good timing, before the world cup final. Directed and co-written by martial arts superstar Stephen Chow. The film stars Chow as a monk named Sing, who’s inspired by an old, injured footballer to teach the world about the wonders of Shaolin kung fu via soccer. He forms a team that overpowers the competition with over-the-top acrobatic moves and ancient superpowers.


However, faced his greatest test in the finals of a major tournament. In the final where they square off against a group that’s literally called “Team Evil.”

Why Watch Shaolin Soccer Now?

Just because the World Cup final between France and Croatia is this Sunday. A great comedy perfect for this coming event. Just imagine how popular soccer would be if the players could kick the ball so hard that they set it on fire or knock the goalies through the back of the net.

Shaolin Soccer presents a fantasy version of the sport that resembles a modern video game, with special moves and power-ups that allow teams to run up the score. For me, I would like to be Sing. Sing is nicknamed “Mighty Steel Leg” for his super fast, super strong shots on goal. He plays alongside “Iron Head” and “Iron Shirt,” who can absorb the impacts of forcefully struck balls and redirect them (with their head and torso, respectively). He relies on a goalie called “Lightning Hand,” who has Bruce Lee’s mannerisms, agility, and yellow bodysuit.

What’s most fun about Shaolin Soccer is that Chow never overestimates his movie’s main attraction: characters performing impossible kicks and spins. Roughly half the film takes place on the field, where opponents play a turbocharged version of one of the world’s most beloved games. The action doesn’t stop until the final whistle.

Who Should Watch It?

Martial arts buffs, sports fans, and pretty much anyone who enjoys watching athletic individuals perform amazing stunts.

Where To Find It?


Dive into TubiTV.  The service is free, and it currently features a number of excellent martial arts films, like Ong Bak and Jackie Chan’s Project AShaolin Soccer is also available to rent or buy from major digital retailers like iTunes and Amazon. That is for those who are willing to pay a few bucks.

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