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SharePlay Watch Party: Watch Movies with Friends on FaceTime

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 15, includes interesting new FaceTime features. SharePlay is a popular tool that enables you to exchange audiovisual content with your pals while on a FaceTime chat.

SharePlay enables you to view a movie over a FaceTime connection with your buddies. This means you can watch the latest films or television episodes with your friends and family from different locations. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s how to watch movies with SharePlay.

How Does SharePlay Work?


SharePlay is a FaceTime feature that enables users to listen to music from Apple Music, share screens, and watch TV shows or movies together during a FaceTime call.

apple shareplay

Additionally, it includes shared playback controls that anyone participating in the call can utilize to play, pause, and skip music, as well as add songs to the play queue. To add to the excitement, Apple TV enables you to watch your movies in their entirety.

If you’ve utilised other platforms’ co-watching features, such as Disney+, HULU, or Amazon Prime Video, Apple’s SharePlay feature may not be as thrilling. Apple has taken this a step further by enabling you to watch movies from a variety of sources, not only Apple TV+. This feature distinguishes Apple’s co-watching service from those offered by other suppliers.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the concept of individuals watching films together electronically has grown in popularity. With movie theaters closed, tech entrepreneurs created new ways for friends and family to catch up on the latest releases. Apple recognized SharePlay’s potential as a dependable co-viewing platform.

FaceTime Enabled Services in SharePlay

You may believe SharePlay is limited to Apple Music and Apple TV, however, this is not the case. It integrates with a variety of major video services via Apple’s API. SharePlay supports the following applications:

  • Disney+
  • NBA Television
  • MasterClass
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Paramount+
  • Twitch
  • Pluto TV
  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • ESPN+
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At the time of publication, SharePlay supported just the platforms listed. Many hoped that when Apple revealed its co-watching function, Netflix and Spotify would follow suit. However, these two entertainment behemoths do not currently enable FaceTime SharePlay. We’re crossing our fingers that this occurs soon.

How to Host a FaceTime Watch Party

After you’ve grasped the concept of SharePlay, follow our steps below on how to start a FaceTime watch party with SharePlay.

Locate and start the FaceTime app from your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen. Create a new Apple ID first for first-time users.

To invite your pals to a group video call, tap on the new FaceTime button. You can add them by using their phone numbers, email addresses, or first and last names.

Alternatively, you can tap the Create Link button to generate a SharePlay watch party URL.

After creating the watch party link, your screen will display an Upcoming section. In the Upcoming section, tap on the green i icon next to the shareable FaceTime link.

This will give you two options: Share the link or Delete the link. Unless you decide otherwise, click the Share Link option.

Following that, the app will give you a variety of message options for sharing the link with your pals. These include Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Mail, Facebook, and iMessage, among others. To share the invite link with your friends and family, select your favorite application.

Assuming the movie was scheduled, invite your friends to attend the watch party by clicking on the links. Ensure that you allow them access by clicking the Check button on your device.

Once everyone is on board, run your preferred video streaming program. Bear in mind that FaceTime SharePlay must be compatible with the video program you select. Consult the supported applications list above.

Following that, select a film to watch, get your popcorn, and prepare to have a fantastic time together. Everyone will be watching in unison.

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As previously stated, FaceTime SharePlay provides shared controls, allowing any user to easily play, pause, or fast-forward the video from their smartphone. This feature is advantageous since it enables users to attend to an urgent circumstance such as a call of nature, a delivery, or even a phone call without interrupting the movie.

Are Android and Windows Phone users permitted to join a FaceTime Watch Party?

Regrettably, this feature is only available to Apple customers. Apple recently introduced FaceTime calls for Android and Windows users, but these users will be unable to utilize the SharePlay feature.

As a result, if your iOS-owning friends decide to watch a movie online, you may be left out if you use an Android smartphone.

Additionally, you must update your Apple devices to iOS 15 in order to use the SharePlay feature.

What Additional Services Does SharePlay Provide?

Apart from watching a film together, you may also share music and screens.

Collaborative Listening

Rather than describing a song to a buddy, you may now play it live for them via FaceTime. To share a song with a friend, open Apple Music and navigate to the song you’d want to listen to jointly. Additionally, using FaceTime’s shared controls, the other call participants can add songs to the playlist.

Share Screens

FaceTime SharePlay also allows for screen sharing. This is an ideal tool for business presentations that include demos. It may also come in helpful if you need to assist your parents with an Apple device issue.


Anything is possible with rapidly evolving technology, including watching a movie online with your buddies. With FaceTime SharePlay, you can host a watch party and catch up on the newest blockbusters with pals regardless of their geographical location.


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