Shawn Mendes Confesses His Relationship With Camila Cabello


The young musician Shawn Mendes is loving life right now and his latest Instagram post proves it. He posted a series of eye-catching photos of himself smiling while performing on stage on Aug.14, and used the caption to express his happiness. “I’ve never been happier. Thank you ❤️🌸,” the caption read. He was wearing a white tank top and dark-colored jeans as he plays his guitar and flaunts a huge smile on his face, and in another, he’s showing off his muscular arms while playing the piano. 


Shawn Mendes  share several enthusiastic photos of himself performing on stage

Nevertheless, his caption for the photos didn’t specify what’s making him the happiest he’s ever been, we can’t help but think some of it has to do with his rumored romance with Camila Cabello. There is no confirmation of a relationship between the pair. However, they’ve been spotted kissing and getting cozy on numerous occasions throughout the past month.

The recent sightings were at Shawn’s 21st birthday bash at Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge inside Brooklyn’s 1 Hotel in New York City. Camila and Shawn embraced and gave each other a passionate kiss in front of a huge crowd of people, which included Shawn’s mother, Karen, while someone filmed the moment for all the world to see. They were also seen taking strolls around the Big Apple, and during each one, they had their hands tightly clasped together as they looked closer than ever.

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Everyone wants to see how things will go from here with Shawn and Camila, but from their latest actions, we wouldn’t be surprised if things get even more serious between them in the future!