Singapore Deploys Boston Dynamic Robot Dog

Singapore Deploys Boston Dynamic Robot Dog to Encourage Social Distancing


Singapore Deploys Boston Dynamic Robot Dog to Encourage Social Distancing. Singapore tries new techniques to ensure the lockdown rule is to adhere to by residents. It was announced by the government on Friday, that they will start the deploying of Spot, Boston Dynamics’ a canine robot in the form of dogs, at a local park.

Singapore Deploys Boston Dynamic Robot Dog

Singapore Deploys Boston Dynamic Robot Dog to Encourage Social Distancing

The robot dog with four legs started moving around the area at the weekend. When confronting a visitor, it would broadcast a message telling them the importance of social distancing, the authorities said.


The government also said the robot will have cameras that will scan and give feedback of the estimated number of people at the park.

Although, the camera is not meant to track or identify anyone, and it will not generate any personal data, said by the government in a statement.

Although the new measure is a way to make sure the social distancing is enforced in Singapore as the cases of coronavirus are rising in an alarming way.

However, the pilot project is to run in a small limited trial scale, for about two weeks at a park at off-peak hours. If the project goes well by helping the social distancing law authorities will consider the project and expands it.

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Not quite long, Singapore was praised for being one of the countries that got its COVID-19 response in place.

Then before the second wave hit. As the government appears to missed the testing and the number grew as daily cases rise. the number of virus cases grew from 266 on March 17th to 21,707 cases. This base on the details provided by Johns Hopkins University.

In response to the situation as it gets worse, the government has highly adopted the idea of technology.

It launched a contact-tracing application in March. The application uses Bluetooth to aid users to know if they made contact with anyone. Who has been confirmed to be positive.

The government says that the robot is being used in other facilities, like a local isolation facility, it is used therein bringing medicine to patients.

Meanwhile, according to Boston Dynamics. Spot which trended in online videos some years back showed how it could run uphill. Get you a drink and even mount stairs. The spot was generally used in inspecting construction sites or situations similar to that.

Spot company, uploaded on their website. That it is also used to deploy public safety. In helping in inspecting hazardous packages from a far distance.

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On Friday Singapore’s government said, that Spot was picked among other robots because of its agility. Spot can work very well in different environments and can move away from obstacles effectively unlike wheeled robots. This made Spot the ideal robot for the operation in observing the social distancing in public parks and gardens.


According to authorities, at least one park ranger will parol with Spot in the areas.

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