Social Media Shutdown: Facebook, Twitter, What apps and Instagram


Many have wondered a day without social media Well, this is the day. As Social Media Shutdown as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter all experiencing issues.

In weeks leading to the imminent Social Media Shutdown. Users of these leading social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter hare all having similar issues with their systems.

Users report leading to the shutdown includes.

  • Users inability to load images on Instagram
  • Inability to send direct messages on  Twitter.
  • The Twitter app does not show notifications for unread DMs when a user is offline.

Facebook was quick to respond to this series of events leading to Facebook shut down. A Facebook spokesperson told CNN to address the issue concerning Whatsapp and Instagram Apps. He stating that the problem has already been identified in routine maintenance operations. Work is on to solve the issue that makes it difficult for users to upload and send images and video. And he was also careful to offer his apologies to inconvenienced users and interested parties.

In the same vein, Twitter has also released a comment regarding the issue they are facing.  “We are working round the clock to fix these issues. While also stating that it is currently unclear the cause of the issues but more updates will be released. He also apologized for the inconvenience.

The Implication Of Social Media Shutdown

A world without social media shutdown will be like a cold day in hell. As the world has gotten use social media network and has helped in making communication easier. Transactions and personal conversations will be kept hanging through this period.

As this social media shutdown might be bad news for many. Other social media app and sites are ready to pounce on the market share that might seek alternatives.


The Telegram app is one of the chat apps you could turn to in this period. While other social media apps like LinkedIn are alternatives.

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