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Speedify VPN Review: Everything you need to know about Speedify VPN


As the name applies “Speedify” is a VPN that provides a faster connection than your device is capable of. This VPN is the best if you are searching for a High-speed data VPN. Speedify Virtual Private Network centered on security, speed, and reliability. Are you tired of all the buffering screens and call interruptions or do you Want to protect your online identity? If yes, then speedify VPN is what you need.

Speedify VPN When the VPN is installed on your Android device, it has the ability to pool all available internet connections, including Wi-Fi and your cellular data connection.

The VPN routes through their high-speed VPN servers and providing you with the fastest available data speeds. So I highly recommend this VPN for people looking for fast and reliable VPN. It provides privacy and unrestricted access to websites that would otherwise be blocked or censored. With the VPN you can browse with confidence, it protects your Identity. The VPN also masks your IP address and change your location for security purpose.


Speedify VPN Plans and Pricing

It has options for everyone, the plans available include a starter plan, individual plan, family plan and team plan. All the plans will be explained and the pricing of each plan will be revealed on the write-up.

Starter Plan

It gives users 2 GB Monthly Data and you can only use it on 1 Device. It has Super Secure Encryption, Channel Bonding, Redundant Mode, Automatic Failover, Packet Loss & Error Correction and the Servers are available Worldwide. Most importantly, this plan is absolutely free.

Individual Plan

This is the best plan for you if you need more data after using the Starter package. The data is Unlimited and you can use it on up to 5 Devices. It has Channel Bonding, Super Secure Encryption, Redundant Mode, Automatic Failover, and Packet Loss & Error Correction. The Servers are available Worldwide and the pricing is $8.99 monthly, and $47.88 billed every year.

Families Plan

It also has Unlimited Data and it can be used by 5 users on 5 devices per user. It has an Admin Dashboard and Super Secure Encryption. The plan also has Channel Bonding, Redundant Mode, Automatic Failover, Packet Loss & Error Correction and Servers are available Worldwide. The pricing is $14.95 monthly and $83.40 yearly.

Teams Plan


This is the perfect plan for your company. You can add as many users as you need. Users can use each account on up to 5 Devices and it has dedicated Server Option. It has a centralized Account Management, Teams Management API, URL API for Mobile Apps, and Command-Line Libraries. The pricing is $8.99 monthly and $900.00 yearly.

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