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Station 19’s Most Heartbreaking Deaths So Far

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When Station 19 premiered in 2018 as the alternate derivation in Grey’s deconstruction macrocosm, it was to be anticipated that the characters would be no nonnatives to tragedy.

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The medical drama as well as the Kate Walsh- led Private Practice both proved they weren’t hysterical to put characters like Meredith Grey in life-or-death situations and as medical professionals, those characters weren’t indeed running into burning structures for a living. presently in its sixth season, the firehouse has surely seen its share of trauma, and unfortunately for the suckers, that’s included losing some of Seattle’s bold along the way.

still, indeed if we knew to anticipate the heightened peril that girdled the firefighters of Station 19, we could noway say we were prepared for some of the anguish that has been presented over the course of its six seasons. Let’s take a look at Station 19’s most heartbreaking deaths so far.

Chief Lucas Ripley (Season 2)

station 19, chief lucas ripley

The pens of Station 19 proved just how cruel they could be when they took down fire principal Lucas Ripley( Brett Tucker), stealing us from seeing what his relationship and possible marriage with Vic Hughes( Barrett Doss) would have been like out in the open. It wasn’t to be, still, as Ripley was exposed to hydrofluoric acid when he jumped in to help during a coffee factory fire. On his way to accept Vic’s marriage offer in Season 2’s “ Always Ready, ” he collapsed and was taken to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Maggie Pierce( Kelly McCreary) tried her stylish, but she was unfit to save him, and Vic sat with Ripley until he failed. The scene gave Grey’s deconstruction suckers flashbacks of Denny Duquette’s death and the unfulfilled eventuality of what could have been between Denny( Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Katherine Heigl’s Izzie Stevens. And for Vic, the grief of losing Ripley still rears its unattractive head, especially given another tragedy to come latterly on this list.

Ryan Tanner (Season 3)

station 19, ryan tanner

Ryan Tanner’s death was the first of several Season 3 dolor endured by the firefighters and suckers likewise, and it didn’t indeed have anything to do with a fire. He had gone to Andy Herrera’s apartment on the occasion of “ Inner Fireworks ” to profess his love.

They ended up babysitting one of her neighbor’s kiddies, a youthful boy who wanted to play Bobbies and stealers. The child set up a loaded gun in his apartment, and took end at “ bad Joe” Andy( Jaina Lee Ortiz), egging Ryan to jump in front of the pellet. Despite Andy’s sweats to save him, in the coming occasion, “ commendation, ” Ryan’s death was verified.

Krista Vernoff, who had just taken over as showrunner, told EW at the time that she really wanted to “ put Andy through some darkness, ” in Season 3, and what better way to do that than killing off her nonage stylish friend?

Rigo Vasquez (Season 3)

Rigo Vasquez, station 19, series

Pressures were high around the fire station after Rigo Vasquez( Rigo Sanchez) discovered that his woman Eva had slept with Jack Gibson( Grey Damon). That was supposedly the reason why Rigo didn’t hear Jack in “ Satellite of Love ” when he tried to stop Rigo from using a fire extinguisher on what turned out to be liquid oxygen.

There was an explosion, and Rigo was poorly injured. It was allowed he’d make a full recovery; still, he failed just before being discharged from the sanitarium.

This death would go on to hang Jack for times — literally, Rigo’s ghost stalked the twisting firefighter in Season 6 — but suckers were conceivably more worried about the meddled-up way Station 19 handled it. While Rigo’s death was revealed at the end of “ Poor Wandering One, ” it wasn’t until the occasion of Grey’s deconstruction that followed that Miranda Bailey( Chandra Wilson) explained what had indeed happened. She said Rigo “ threw a( pulmonary embolism) as we were about to discharge him. ”

Pruitt Herrera (Season 3)

Pruitt Herrera (Season 3), station 19 series

The third big Season 3 death came just many occurrences latterly, in “ I ’ll Be Seeing You, ” when Pruitt Herrera( Miguel Sandoval) made the ultimate immolation to save his former platoon, including his son Andy.

The sheltered fire captain knew he didn’t have long to live, due to his terminal cancer, so when he eavesdropped on the radio that a storehouse unit installation blaze had gotten out of control, he rushed to the scene. It looked enough dire for numerous of the first askers lost inside the structure, as there was no way to safely vent the roof. Herrera climbed over there and did what he’d to do, dying in the process.

This was nearly clearly part of Krista Vernoff’s big plan to put Andy through some tragedy and it surely succeeded in that — but it could be argued that Station 19 really demanded that death. Herrera was going to die soon anyway, and this allowed him to go out like the idol he was.

Dean Miller (Season 5)

Dean Miller (Season 5), station 19 series

ABC heavily promoted the fact that someone would not survive Station 19 and Grey’s deconstruction crossover event that started with the firefighter drama’s “Effects We Lost in the Fire. ” The platoon responded to a ruptured gas line that had caused an explosion in a Seattle neighborhood, and tragedy struck for Dean Miller( original cast member Okieriete Onaodowan) who was eventually lost in the fire, or rather, in an alternate explosion.

suckers were destroyed over the loss of the cherished character, and the goods of Miller’s death are still echoing through the halls of the fire station a season latterly, particularly for Jack and Vic, the ultimate of whom suffered a heart attack in the fate. utmost woeful of all, still, was that Miller’s youthful son Pru was effectively orphaned.

Station 19 suckers have formerly dealt with many tragedies, and given both the dangerous nature of firefighting and showrunner Krista Vernoff’s tendency to take her characters down a dark path, it’s likely there’s more where that came from.

Season 6 of Station 19 will renew at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 23, on ABC, and in the meantime, the entire series is available for streaming with a Hulu subscription.

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