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Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Facebook Fan Page


It is well known that using Facebook Fan Page can help in building your businesses of any size, independent contractors and freelancers, celebrities, musical groups, nonprofit organizations, and even for politics. You can get in touch with Facebook users with the help of a Fan page. Having a fan page is different from normal profile page and it has a powerful tool to build followers.


Facebook Fan PageCreating a Facebook Fan Page.

Go to a browser or through the Facebook app and log in to your account. The easy and direct way of creating a Fan page is going through the blue control bar at the top left of a Facebook page. On the bar, choose to create, which is close to the home button. After clicking a drop-down menu will appear, showing several options or your page. While Page is the first option in the list.

You select Page, which will bring out another screen with two options. Business or Brand
Community or Public Figure.


Choose a category.

Selecting from the 2 above will prompt you to enter a name you want for your page. You can use keywords so you can get ranked well and be easily seen when searched with Google or other search engine results (SER) pages.

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After that the next thing needs you to choose a category for your page. Meanwhile, Facebook has several thousands of categories to be chosen from. It is listed alphabetically and also sorted with subsections below major categories. Go around and get what suit your purpose.

Add image to your Fan Page.

Now, the next step is to upload an image as a profile and cover photo. You can select from your gallery to upload for both, or rather skip any of them or both and go back to edit later.

The small icon that appears on your post or comments you make is your profile image. The cover photo is banner-like for its bigger than a profile picture. The required and best size for a banner is 820px and 462px in width and height.

Settings for Success

Your page will automatically load when you complete the image section. Setting the administrator and other roles on the page is the next thing to do. You will be the admin since you built the page. Now, as the admin, you have total access and control over the Fan page. you add others as an admin.

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Asides for administrator, there are other roles like editor, moderator, advertiser, analyst, and jobs manager, access is granted base on the level of the roles. You can assign several people in a role as Facebook has no limit to that.

To make changes, you go to the fan page, click the Settings tab at the white bar at the top menu of the Fan page. Settings are found below the notification icons at the default blue bars.

When you select the settings it will show another page bringing out several options to help you edit your page. You can go through them and customize your page.


However, it is important you read facebook terms before you proceed. You can do that by checking the review of the Facebook terms link. When you violate Facebook terms, it leads to the termination of your page.


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