Swimming Gadgets

Swimming Gadget: 5 Must Have Swimming Gadgets


Top Must-Have Swimming Gadgets. People might see swimming as a sport that does not require technology, however, this is very false.

Swimming Gadgets 5 Must-Have Swimming Gadgets

It’s not just the swimwear and goggles swimmers use when swimming. They use other lovely gadgets to get a great swimming experience. I will be talking about the 5 best gadgets you must have as a swimmer to have a better experience in swimming.

1. FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro:

This gadget can be used in different ways and its loved by swimming coaches. With this gadget, swimmers can get to set a specific stroke rate then work towards the target.


This helps you in training your pace, and the good thing about the gadget is it is very affordable. Due to the little size of the gadget, you can fix it in your cap perfectly well and sure it’s waterproof. You can also attach it to your goggles.

2. FINIS Swimsense Live:

This gadget works with the FINIS live application so that you will get a very detailed analyzed information of your pace, calories burned, lap time and distance made per stroke. The gadget is waterproof and you get the information on your devices.

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It has an algorithm that helps to calculate the exact stroke you are doing, it’s also Bluetooth compatible. It also gives a record of intervals and distance made.

3. Fastime 500DM Stopwatch:

With tech products like Fastime 500DM stopwatch, you can still be a professional swimmer practicing alone.

They do not give a chance of expecting a coach around the water to give you feedback on how you performing, you get everything you need from the watch.

However, training with someone else can be a better-using stopwatch like Fastime 500DM. It provides different timing options and also has the ability to store splits.


This is an upgraded or rather an advanced version of Poolmate2. This amazing watch will keep tabs of your heart rate while you swimming in the pool. It also downloads the result after each session for you to analyze.

You can also download other results like your laps, speed, calories, strokes, stroke length, even your stroke per minute.

This helps you understand the result better by sending it to your system or other devices to get a clearer view of the result. You can easily share your results with friends or other social media to challenge people so you can get better.

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The watch weighs only 67g and it won’t make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it on your risk. It also comes with a pod that is chargeable and a chest belt. It comes with an amazing battery life that lasts up to 30 days after charging for two hours.

5. FINIS Duo

Music is a great way to motivate swimmers. With a waterproof mp3 player, you can listen to your favorite music while you swim.

The FINIS Duo is a great Mp3 device that has a storage 4GB, which offers you to add as many music as you can.


You can use the gadget when you swim in both saltwater and freshwater. It can go up to 2 meters in-depth and also last up to 60 minutes. To get better performance you should wear it to your goggles.

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