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Switcher Studio – Make World Class Livestream and Live-Edit Video Easily


Switcher Studio is for everyone – educators and creators, students and storytellers, businesses, and nonprofits. Switcher Studio enables you to capture video from multiple camera angles and edit it in real-time, helping you connect with your community in the most amazing way.

Switcher Studio

You can stream it live or record it for later. Read on to know more about Switcher Studio and how to use it.


Switcher Studio

It’s a video live streaming app that makes it easy to stream live on social video services like YouTube. You can also stream live on premium platforms like Ustream.

Switcher Studio enables the sync of multiple iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video including multiview effects, the ability to insert photos and graphic overlays, and more during a live broadcast.

Switcher Studio is not built to run on an Android, Mac, or PC and can only be installed on iOS devices.

Developed by: Switcher Studio
Type: Enterprise, small business, individual, medium business
Categories: End-to-End Encoding and Live Streaming, Social Live Streaming, Live Video Recording
Launched: 2014

Features of Switcher Studio

Live video is an amazing way to connect with people in real-time – unless you’re just pointing a single phone at your face.

This app enables you to connect multiple iPhones and iPads to create unforgettable multicamera live videos complete with graphics, text, editing, and effects.

With Switcher Studio, you can stream directly to Facebook, Linkedln, Microsoft Stream, YouTube, and beyond. Listed below are the features of Switcher Studio:

  • You can create a dynamic video using photos, logos, and video from a mobile device’s camera roll and use built-in templates to customize the video’s look and feel.
  • Sync up to 9 iPhones and iPads and additional cameras to enable a multi-cam live stream experience.
  • Use a PC, MAC, or iOS device’s screen as a video source to show websites, video calls, presentations, and clips.
  • Record, stream live, or both. Capture video wirelessly from multiple angles and edit in Final Cut Pro X.

How to Use Switcher Studio

To be able to use the app, you’ll

  • Go to the app website (www.switcherstudio.com)
  • Click on Start Now at the top-right side of the page

  • Complete the sign-up form.


  • You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address.
  • Then download the mobile app in the App Store.

Note: The email you use to sign up is the same email you’ll use to log into your Switcher Studio account. Also, each subscription is intended for a single user. Although the app is free to download onto as many devices as you want, you’ll need an active trial or subscription in order to use it.

How to Sign Up for a Paid Subscription

You can upgrade to a paid subscription during or after your free 14-day trial. If you don’t sign-up for a paid subscription plan, your account will become inactive, and the pp will not function.

To sign-up for a paid subscription:

  • Login to your Switcher Studio Dashboard with the same email and password you used when you created your account
  • Click on Billing Info in the main menu
  • Click on the toggle bar at the top of the page to select between Monthly and Annual payment.
  • Select the plan you will like to subscribe to and click on choose
  • Click on Subscribe to enter your payment information

Note: If you choose an Annual payment, you will be charged for 12 months upfront. Also, if you upgrade to a subscription before your trial ends, you will need to refresh the app to remove the watermark, as follows:

  • Open the app on your main switching device
  • Log out
  • Close the app completely
  • Open the app again and log back into the app.

Plans and Prices of Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio offers a number of plans built for businesses, agencies, individuals, and enterprises. Below re the prices and plans of Switcher Studio:



$39/month – Billed monthly
$37/month – $374 / Billed Annually


$49/month – $588 / Billed Annually


$280/month – $3,360 / Billed Annually




  • Live-editing iOS app
  • Sync up to 9 iOS devices
  • Wireless Multicam switching
  • Multiview layouts
  • Animated text templates
  • Insert graphics, logos, and overlays
  • Add prerecorded videos
  • Upload your own content
  • Screensharing from iOS, Macs, PCs
  • Scoreboard for sports


  • 1 remote guest
  • 120 hours/month


  • 20 media assets


  • 720p & 1080p streaming
  • Facebook direct integration
  • YouTube direct integration
  • LinkedIn direct integration
  • Twitch direct integration
  • Microsoft Stream direct integration
  • RTMP destinations
  • Remotely add/edit RTMP




Everything in Essentials, plus:


  • 2 remote guests
  • Unlimited hours


  • 100 media assets


  • Display comments on the screen
  • Scheduled posts
  • Crossposting
  • Live polling


Everything in Standard, plus:


  • 5 remote guests
  • Unlimited hours


  • 500 media assets


  • Branded Content
  • Facebook Rights Manager


  • 3 user licenses
  • Permissions management


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