Donald Trump Decree on Covid visiting rules declined as he enters final day

Donald Trump Decree on Covid visiting rules declined as he enters the final day His decree on covid visiting rules declined as he enters final day. Mr. Joe Biden has moved to dismiss a new White House decree on Covid travel rules. Mr. Trump has tried to end travel bans for visitors from much of […]

Donald Trump Supporters Planning Armed Protesters ahead of Jan 20th

Donald Trump supporters are planning armed protesters ahead of Biden Inauguration. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests being held across the United States. Security will be extremely tight for the event on January 20th. A vote to remove the president will happen on Wednesday However, Donald Trumo is being accused of incitement of […]

Donald Trump has Power to Pardon Mob that Attacked US Capitol.

Donald Trump, the United States president has the power to issue to pardon the Mobs that Attacked US Capitol. History shows presidential pardons have courted controversy from the very beginning. However, the founding Father’ near-absolute pardon power as a way to soften the edges of inflexible criminal law. Today, as Americans shift the political fall […]

Donald Trump Promises Orderly Transition of Power to Joe Biden

Donald Trump Promises Orderly Transition of Power to Joe Biden. Mr. Trump for the first time conceded his defeat in November 3 election and has promised Orderly Transition on January 20th of Power to Joe Biden. Trump’s acknowledgment came through after a day of destruction and disorder on Capitol Hill as a mob of his […]

Donald Trump Threatens more Mayhem in his Dangerous days

Donald Trump Threatens More Mayhem in his Final Dangerous Days. America faces thirteen days of danger before the withdrawal of an unhinged commander in chief who set his mob on the United States Capitol. In an act of insurrection that scattered more than 220 years of tradition of peaceful transfers of power. The President White […]

Donald Trump Signs Relief and Spending Package Into Law

Donald Trump has signed into law a coronavirus relief and spending package bill. He didn’t want to sign the bill. He criticized wasteful spending and calling for higher payouts to people hit by the pandemic. However, the delay meant that millions temporarily lost job opportunities. After months of agreements, the relief worth $900bn was accepted […]

Donald Trump Goes on a Rampage With Pardons.

Donald Trump Goes on a Rampage with Pardons veto threats and Covid denial. His presidency is rising into history in a way that shows his corrupt excess, with pardons for cronies and wat crims, assaults on democracy, fresh Covid-19 denial, and impunity. The antics of the outgoing President in recent hours further weighed down the […]

Donald Trump: 30 Days Reign of Destruction on the way out of Office

Donald Trump 30 days reign of destruction on the way out of the office will be hot in the heels. The question is how much damage can be done by unrealistic, vengeful soon to be ex-President planning conspiracy theories. He will attain the fantastic powers of the presidency until noon on January 20 where Mr. […]

Donald Trump is not Planning to Leave The White House

Donald Trump is not planning or intending to leave the White House. The President has turned to some group of advisers peddling increasingly suspicious tactics to change the results of the election, creating a dreadful situation that numerous senior officials and people around Donald Trump say has led to new levels of undoubtful at how […]

Donald Trump Allies Says He Will Run in 2024 but Hints He May Back Down

Donald Trump looks just as interested in people talking about a Trump 2024 campaign as he is in launching a real campaign. Though, he may ultimately turn his teasing into a very serious offer. Running for president would mean a lot of things that sides Trump doesn’t want to deal with. The attention will help […]