Telegram App: Differences between Whatsapp and Telegram


Telegram is among the most famous messaging services in the whole world, still, there are many people who don’t know what it’s all about. The app was launched in 2013. The service has an estimated 9 million users in Russia and many millions more across the whole world.

What is Telegram?

The application is a multi-platform messaging service that was founded by entrepreneur Pavel Durov. It a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, very simple, super-fast, and also free. However, you can make the app on any kind of device at the same time.


It is more like an email and SMS, which can take care of all your personal or business messaging needs. Designed to be the secure messenger that third parties will not be allowed to intercept. Telegram is for everyone.

Things you Need to Know About Telegram

  • The app is a messaging app that works like Facebook or Whatsapp. Whie=ch means you can send messages for free by using a mobile data or Wi-fi connection.
  • It is a double tick to each message to display that it has been sent and received, and also has the ability to share locations, documents, and photos.
  • It allows you to send files to contacts, up to 1.5GB each.


The app has really gained large popularity over the past few years because the inventors and developers have extremely worked on app optimization to build up user experience. Below are some of its features that are truly helpful in more ways than one:

  • Automatic Contact Searching
    After you have created a new account on Telegram, you don’t need to manually add or search your contacts. The app lists down all contacts who are on the app.  Whenever a person in your contact list joins. you will be notified.
  • Large Group Size: The app follows a community-driven approach and allows community builders to maintain and create groups with a huge 200,000 member capacity.
  • Easy Media Files Transfer: You can decide to share media files over Telegram chat given you have a stable and high-speed internet connection. This feature is of great use when you can’t find the right file on the internet or meet the sender in person.
  • Share your Location: This is another feature of the application. It is a standard feature that you get in other messaging applications too. The application keeps up with the norm rules and allows you to share your live location with your contacts.
  • Secret Chat Option: All chats on the application are end-to-end encrypted to ensure data security and chat privacy. Meanwhile, there’s an option to begin a secret chat where all the data is kept and stored in a client to client device mechanism and, not in the cloud server.
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How to Download the Telegram App on your iPhone

  • first, unlock your iPhone and click on the App Store application
  • Now search by typing Telegram in the search bar
  • Then tap on the  application and accept to download
  • You can now go ahead with using the application once it gets downloaded

How to Download the Telegram app on Android Phone

  • The first thing you should do is unlock your android phone and go to your Google Play Store application
  • Now you can search  by typing Telegram in the search bar
  • After that, click on the Telegram application to download
  • Then go ahead using the application once you are done downloading.

How to use it on your PC or Laptop

The app on the Play Store and App Store has millions of downloads. Here’s how you can use it on your Laptop and computer system

  • First, download the Telegram Desktop app for your system and create your account using your phone number and some other details
  • The app is now synced with your mobile app, and you can track conversations and then reply to chats from any device of your choice
  • The Telegram Desktop is as well available for macOS and Linux
  • Secret chats are not synced when you use any other app other than the original chat source.
  • All the chat is displayed on your screen’s left and an adjacent chat box window open on the right side
    You can also send attachments by adding them from the paper clip option or by the drag and drop method.
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Devices you can Download Telegram

Apart from our mobile devices, including Android and iOS, of which we all know, Other devices are compatible with Telegram also. devices like:

  • Your Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktop computers
  • Windows NT
  • Linux
  • Windows Phone

Differences between Whatsapp and Telegram


There are a lot of competitors that are currently chasing after Whatsapp, some of which have been features other than Whatsapp. Meanwhile, that is the case with Telegram. Although, it is true that Whatsapp has not only copied Snapchat, but also many Telegram features. Below are some of the differences between WhatsApp and Telegram


Telegram users can be used on several mobile tablets and on the computer or laptop while Whatsapp can only be used on the mobile phone and recently it started supporting laptops.

  • Whatsapp has its web version where users can use it online, and Telegram supports independent versions of both browsers and mobile.
  • Telegram spends half of Whatsapp data, on the other hands, WhatsApp consumes more data
  • Whatsapp allows a group of 256 people while Telegram allows up to 5,00 participants.
  • Another difference between Telegram and WhatsApp is telegram allows you to send money through the app but WhatsApp is still trying to work on it
  • The application also allows you to create secret chats that are destroyed by themselves while WhatsApp ensures that only the sender and receiver can read the conversations.
  • WhatsApp restricts video, images, and document type files while on the other hand, telegram users can send any type of file through telegram.
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