The 100 Season 7

The 100 Season 7 Release Date and What we Should Expect


The 100 Season 7 will soon be out, for its just weeks away for it to be aired. Though we are still trying to recover from season 6. (We get to watch two major characters die, body snatchers, a dark commander, and also a bit of time travel).

The 100 Season 7We are very eager and anticipating to see the series last season. At this point, it’s hard for anyone to predict the wrap of The 100, not after what season 6 finale left us.

For all the twists we got from Season 6, we will need to get an explanation in the Season 7 premieres for good answers. However, we will still wait a little while before Season 7 get to us.


In the meantime, we can’t get any spoilers for TV guides have been on lockout and also behind the scenes info of the last run of episodes.

Here is everything you need to know about the The 100 Season 7 final season.

The movie will be premiered in May. It was announced officially by the CW that the final season of The 100 Season 7 will debut on Wednesday 20th May 2020 an 8/7c.

There is no released trailer for the final season yet. But be expecting it soon as it was recently tweeted by Jason Rothenberg that it’s on the way!. He tweeted that the trailer has been delayed due to the virus and he knows fans are anxious for a trailer.

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Showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced the series on Twitter, he said it’s going to be the final season of the series.

He also told TV Guide that he had an ending for the series in this season. Jason Rothenberg further said, he hopes fans will be satisfied with the ending, for he is satisfied. He also said he thinks its a very emotional and powerful ending.

Season 7 will have 16 episodes. Which is different from other seasons. The CW ordered a consistent 13 episodes for all seasons of the 100, but the final season. Season 7 has 16 episodes.

The last Octavia has not been seen.

Though it seems her fate is portentous, but we need to expect anything on The 100, and you can not predict anyone’s death (even though they are if they will stay that way).

Jason Rothenberg told the Entertainment Weekly. “She being alive or not, Maries amazing and we can surely say we have not seen everything from her. If she’s alive or not we will get her story from a flashback or if to see her in the present is something we have to see in the coming season.

The movie will kick up from the season 6 finale.

You do not need to worry, for you will not be left from the suspense of the season 6 finale. To meet a major jump when Season 7 of The 100 returns.

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Jason Rothenberg told the TV Guide that the season 7 will pick up from the direct ending of the season 6. When Bellamy (Bob Morley) was trying to figure out what had happened to his sister.

There won’t be any time travel

Even with Hope coming out from the Anomaly being an adult just three days ago. She was still in Diyoza’s belly. Jason Rothenberg made an assurance that he is not going to use time travel to explain why that could happen.

However, he did say that time was acting funny. And we would get full answers and explanations in the coming Season 7 premiere.

Hope may not be a villain.

To kill a loved character is a way of putting yourself as the new villain of the Tv series. But we should not make conclusions and judge hope so fast.


Despite now wanting to give more details on this new mystery character. Jason Rothenberg told the TV Guide that we might end up liking Hope hope before the end of the Tv series.

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