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The Good Doctor’s Emotional Season Finale and Exit to a Key Character

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Another season of The Good Doctor has come to an end, and what better way to head into hiatus than after the birth of Lea and Shaun’s child, who of course they named Steve after Shaun’s family? It was clearly a less stressful ending than the Season 5 Finals credits rolling on Dr. Lim putatively bleeding out!

The Good Doctor’s Emotional Season Finale, tv shows, movie review

That said, Perez was dolorously injured, to the point that Jordan had to take drastic action to keep him alive. But he is on the way out of the show anyway, with series regular Brandon Larracuente leaving the show. So, now that we are heading into hiatus, let’s look at what happened and whether that was the last of Perez!

Perex Exit in The Good Doctor Season Finals

The future looked bleak for Perez beforehand on the occasion, particularly in light of the report ahead of the Finals. That Brandon Larracuente was leaving the show.

He suffered enough injuries after an ambulance crash that it sounded hard to imagine that he’d survive. Especially after he demanded that Jordan agree to not use anodynes on him. and that would have killed him.

If Jordan had not ignored his request (and Jared’s expostulations) and given him fentanyl.

Perez did not leave without having his date with Jordan, indeed though their regale had to be with him in his sanitarium bed when he was still seriously worse for the wear and tear.

He thanked her for saving his life time and again in Season 6 and told her that she makes him believe that he can recover without returning. She told him that he’ll be okay, through gashes, and he told her that he would miss her. He is going back to Texas, and she’s staying at St. Bonaventure.

Is there a possible return of Perez in Future Seasons of the Good Doctor?

Well, first and foremost, Perez did not rule out ever returning, and it’s hard to argue with his decision to go away to try and recover after his relapse in the fall Finals while in San Jose. He is still alive, on his way to getting well from his injuries, and hopefully on the road to recovery from his dependence as well. Plus, if Jared could come back after times down, should we rule out Perez, whose farewell feels far less endless than Jared’s did back in the day?

On the other hand, Perez also did not leave with any pledge that he would return, and. Bonaventure will presumably fill his niche in the medical program.

Plus, Brandon Larracuente has been cast as a lead in the new crime drama coming to those with an Amazon Prime subscription, called On Call and produced by Wolf Entertainment, which is also the production company before long-running megahits crime dramatizations like ChicagoP.D. and the Law & Order shows. So, Larracuente might be too busy to return as Perez.

Unfortunately, we can only stay for news of whether or not he will ever appear again. The Good Doctor was lately renewed for Season 7, so there will be another season that could bring back Perez. If Brandon Larracuente is available and there will be an opening for him. The fate of the medical drama’s implicit derivation has not been revealed just yet, and I wondered about the fate of The Good Lawyer’s backdoor airman if it would be suitable to stand on its own without The Good Doctor.

Key Takeaway

For now, you can always readdress the first six seasons of The Good Doctor (including The Good Lawyer). Streaming with a Hulu subscription during the delay for it to return to ABC. And find some summer viewing options on our 2023 television premiere schedule.

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