most expensive movie flops

The Most Expensive Movie Flops in History of all Time


The most expensive movie flops in the history of cinema are the movies that take a staggering amount of money to make, to the point that a budget $50 million. It is considered mid- or even low budget. It normally works out in the end, since movies also make a tremendous amount of money.

But not all movies are so lucky. Below are some of the most expensive movie flops in the history of cinema, ranked without adjustments for inflation.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash( 2002)


most expensive movie flops

It may be hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Eddie Murphy’s presence in a movie was basically a cheat code to box office success. The man-made Trading Places, Coming to America, and even The Nutty Professor a success His stand-up movies were also very popular. This movie just didn’t connect with the audiences, earning back only 47.1 million of its reported $100 million budget.

Stealth( 2005)

most expensive flopped movie

This is among the most expensive movies flops in history. You may not recognize Rob Cohen by name, but you most definitely remember his movies or their stars, Vin Diesel. He directed both the Fast and the Furious XXX, which makes him partially responsible for the Vin Diesel era we are currently living in. The movie follows a group of trained Air Force pilots as they try to take down a corrupted Al- controlled jet.

This movie gained $76 million but the price tag of $135 million meant it needed to bring in a lot more than that.

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

jack the giant slayer
CGI- animated adaptations of children’s stories have never exactly been favorite for most audiences. This movie ended up being no different. Revisiting a fairy tale most viewers knew by heart was a risk, to begin with. But the movie’s budget was one giant Jack that couldn’t slay.

R.I.P.D (2013)

most expensive movie flops

This is also another most expensive movie that was flopped in history. R.I.P.D has one of the easiest high concept pitches you can think of. In the world of the afterlife, there is a specialized police force called R.IP.D (Rest In Peace Department) that takes care of renegade spirits before they can affect the human world. The movie was announced D.O.A, barely making back $78 million of its 4130 million budget.

The Lone Ranger(2013)

lone ranger

The movie is a classic part of American pop culture. However, the Lone Ranger didn’t make much of a difference at the Box office. Where the film hardly made $89 million domestic against its $215 million budget. It later recouped another $171 million worldwide. But that didn’t make it any less of a failure in the United States.

Ronin (2013)

47 Ronin

Box office bombs are often the result of a studio betting too highly on a director. Or concepts letting the budget balloon out of control. This movie is a good example with a title that evokes the Japanese historical epic. Of the same name about a group of masterclass samurai who makes one last stab at redemption.

Some Other Most Expensive Movie Flops in the History of all Time Include:

King Arthur: Legend of the sword

most exepensive movie flops
The movie seemed to have all the trapping of a film destined for box office success, including a well-known director (Sherlock Holmes series helmer Guy Ritchie). The King Arthur: Legend of the Sword managed to pull in $148.6 million, leaving a deficit of $126.4 million.

Ghost in the Shell

Another most expensive movie flopped in history. The movie was fated to flop well before it opened in cinemas. When fans found out the very talented but very clearly White actress Scarlett Johanson was playing the traditionally Japanese protagonist, Major Motoko Kusanagi. The backlash was Amazing

Sahara (2005)



This movie looked like an attempt at recapturing the magic of Indiana Jones, but it was really an adaptation of a massively successful series of books that’s also about a rugged adventurer with a quick wit and a way with women. Sahara grossed a modest $119.3 million that was not enough to cover its $160 million budget. However, the most surprising fact about Sahara isn’t its poor box office, but rather that the writer of the series sued the production company of the movie after the film’s failure to live up to his expectations.

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