The Rhythm Section Movie Review, Trailer, Cast and Plot


The Rhythm section is a 2020 American action drama movie. It was written based on Burnell’s novel of the same name. The Rhythm Section is directed by Reed Morano, written by Mark Burnell and was released by Paramount Pictures on the 31st of January, 2020.

The Rhythm Section

Rhythm Section was a box-office bomb and receive negative reviews from critics, having the worst wide opening weekend of all time.


The Rhythm Section Movie Cast

  • Amira Ghazalla as Kaif
  • Nasser Memarzia as Suleman Kaif
  • Tawfeek Barhom as Reza
  • Raza Jaffrey as Keith Proctor
  • Richard Brake as Lehmans
  • Geoff Bell as Green
  • Daniel Mays as Dean West
  • Max Casella as Leon Giler
  • Sterling K.Brown as Marc Serra
  • Jude Law as Lain Boyd
  • Blake Lively as Stephanie Patrick
  • David Duggan as David Patrick

 The Rhythm Section Movie Plot

Stephanie Patrick, after her family’s death in a plane crash. Began to work as a prostitute in London and became addicted to drugs. One day ‘Keith Proctor’ approaches Stephanie a journalist. Who told her that the plane crash her family was involved in was not an accident but a terrorist attack. Which was covered up by the government.

Stephanie didn’t believe the Journalist at that moment. But she visited his house and saw all of his research on the plane crash. Proctor told her that the plane crash was caused by a bomb made by Reza. A man who attends university in London.

Stephanie planned to kill Reza, she bought a gun and tracks Reza to the university cafeteria. When she had the chance to kill him, she was unable to pill the trigger and Reza escaped. Some hours later, Stephanie returned home and found Proctor dead.

Stephanie went through Proctor notes and discovered that his source for research lain Boyd(an ex-MI6 agent) lives in a remote area in Scotland. Stephanie traveled to Scotland to find Boyd, Boyd was disgusted by Stephanie’s plan to kill Reza, but Stephanie explained to him that she has nothing to lose.

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Boyd helped unwillingly trained her to complete her quest, he told her that Reza was hired by a radical terrorist’U-17′, who crashed the plane to kill liberal Muslim reformer Abdul Kaif and the rest of the plane crash were collateral damage.
After some months of training, Boyd told her to go to Madrid to find Marc Serra’s ex-CIA agents and an information broker. Stephanie got to Madrid and contact Serra, claiming to be ‘Petra Reuter.

Serra told Stephanie that he needs Lehmans killed, a scandalous gangster in Tangier that arranged the bomb to be on the plane. Boyd told Stephanie to take the job, to prove herself as Petra. Stephanie traveled to Tangier and met Lehmans who use an oxygen mask to breathe.

After a long fight, Lehmans died when his mask was taken off for a long time.

Serra told Stephanie again to kill a businessman ‘Leon Giler’ in New York. Boyd told her to take the job again, as it was Giler who financed the bombing and U-17. Boyd went with Stephanie to New York and provides her with a knockout gas inhaler, and a knife to slit his throat.

Stephanie pretended to be a prostitute and seduces Giler, but it was unable to kill him and left. As Giler left the hotel and got into his car, Boyd explodes a remote bomb, which killed Giler, his chauffeur and two young children.

In New York hotel, Stephanie is terrified by the death of Giler’s children. Although Boyd only planned to kill Giler, he is callous. He revealed that he was released from MI6 after killing Petra Reuter, who killed his wife. The CIA was against the killing of Petra, as she had intel on U-17.
Boyd felt responsible for the plane bomb. After what Boyd revealed, Stephanie left Boyd, and returned to Madrid to be with Serra and begins a relationship with him.

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Boyd warned Stephanie that U-17 hired Serra to find someone who will eliminate Giler and is eliminating all ties to him, which made Serra think that Reza is U-17. Serra informed Stephanie that Reza is in Marseilles.
Stephanie saw him with a female associate putting on a suicide vest, preparing for another bombing.
She attempted to kill them, but they escaped. Stephanie followed them onto a bus, she attacked Reza and his associate’s attempts to trigger the bomb, but it did not explode.

The bus passengers ran away while Stephanie fights with Reza.
Reza’s associate realized that the bomb is on a timer and Reza had no intention to sacrifice himself. Stephanie accused Reza of being a coward and he told Stephanie to leave the bus before the bomb explodes. it killed Reza and the bomber.

Stephanie returned to Serra’s house and revealed that she is not Petra. She killed Serra with a deadly venom because she discovered that Serra is U-17, as Reza was inconsiderable to be the mastermind behind the bombing. She left Serra’s house and visits Kaif’s mother ‘Alia’, and told her that the people behind her son’s death have been killed.


Later, Boyd attacks Stephanie in the street and pinned her against a wall. She asks if him if he is working for MI6 again, and he told her that he would be allowed back if he kills “Petra Reuter”. He releases her and told her to go. Stephanie walks away with a smile on her face.



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