Coronavirus Pandemic

Things Not to do When The Coronavirus Pandemic is Over


The question on everyone’s lips and mind are “When will the Coronavirus Pandemic quarantine, and the stay at home orders come to an end?” Although no one knows the answer to that question. What we know now is that the virus is still out there and it tends to spread when we do not maintain the order and advice given to us by WHO and other medical centers.

 Coronavirus PandemicWe hope it comes to an end sooner than it looks, but when it does, most people are already having thoughts of having parties to celebrate, hug, break the social distancing rules and travel as the case may be, not so fast.

As the whole world tends to adjust back to the normal state of which it was before the virus, we should know it’s going to take lots of time for things to go back to normal. So as such, we should see Things Not To Do When The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over.


Do not stop washing your hands

Even when the news of the pandemic ending comes to us, or the government lifting the lockdown, it should come to mind that for a virus of this nature it will be hard for it to be cleared out of the surface of the earth.

As such we should never stop our cleaning hygiene, always wash our hands, and stay healthy just as we are now. This will give us a quicker edge in fighting the virus and sending it our forever.

Still avoid high-risk people After Coronavirus Pandemic

You should not immediately visit your loved ones that were infected or rather are at the risk of spreading the virus. Many of us are already having it in mind to go visit our loved ones that are vulnerable.

And other older relatives so to give them hugs and kisses when the situation is handled. Although it is a good thought, it is of risk exposing ourselves so quickly.

We should still maintain our distance from them for now, so that you can keep your family and friends safe. When the battle finally over we can still hug ourselves.

Do not throw a party or visit the bar After Coronavirus Pandemic

Even with the lifting of the lockdown law, social distancing will still be in place for a while. So after everything, we should not have the thought of throwing a party to celebrate in any way. Also do not visit any bar that is crowded.

You might be exposing yourself to someone showing no sign of the virus but might be affected.

As we all know that this deadly virus spread quickly. So we need to be very careful and cautious about what we do as things start getting better.

Don’t plan any International vacation After Coronavirus Pandemic

It will be unwise traveling to other countries, without knowing the state of things all over the world. Many already have the plans of traveling once things start getting better, for reasons best known to them.

It might be for a long vacation or business trip. But it is not advisable to embark on such a journey.

You have to exercise more patient, it is certain that intermingling will occur in places like airports and airplanes.

However, we should have it in mind that flight helps in spreading the virus globally. Sow we need to avoid it for the time been, till the road is clear.

Do not sell you properties

The virus has placed so many people to the point of frustration. The virus is very unpredictable, and no one is aware of the rise of any cases.


We have to be careful with the decisions we have to make this period and avoid making rash judgments that will lead to the sale of our properties.

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