Tinder Dating app

Tinder Dating App Reviews and How to Signup


Our topic for Today revolve around Tinder dating app. So stay glued to this article to get full information about Tinder dating platform. As we all know there are lots of Great and amazing Dating platforms out there, which some require some form of payment but Tinder Dating site can be accessed by users for free, isn’t that amazing? It is Right. Note that you will have to pay a little token in other to gain full access to the site. Just incase you don’t know what Tinder is all about, kindly relax and follow with this article to get full knowledge about Tinder and it amazing Feature.

Tinder Dating appTinder Dating App Review

The Tinder is a dating platform, with millions of Users, on this very platform you get to search for lover/date online, on this platform you get to find your Amore which doesn’t attract any charge. Tinder is one of the best dating app out there. Now let’s move to next topic which is how to Download the Tinder App.

How To Download Tinder App

In other to use and have full access to the tinder service you need to download the Tinder application, and create an account, with the use of the app you can send messages to a friend without going to their website. Below is a short guide on how to download your Tinder app.

  • Kindly visit your App store or PlayStore, in the search bar kindly search for Tinder app
  • Click on the Tinder app and download, wait patiently till it finishes download.

You have successful download your Tinder App with the above easy guide.

How To Signup Tinder Dating App

To signup your Tinder is very easy and straightforward. Below is a short and fast guide to create your Tinder Dating account.

  • Kindly Visit the Tinder official platform at tinder.com and click on the signup link on the website
  • Then you have to select whether you will like to signup using your Phone Number or Facebook
  • Kindly key in your phone number if you are to use your telephone number in the signup process.
  • A verification code will be sent to your phone number, kindly verify your number
  • Kindly follow the on screen instructions to finish up the signup process.
  • After the signup process your account profile will be shown to you. You can now searching for friends.
  • If you had signup using Facebook then Follow the on screen instructions to complete the signup process, is almost the same process with the above.

With the above guide you have successful create your Tinder Dating Account.

How To Login Your Tinder Account

Below is a short tips on how to login your tinder account and just incase you are finding it difficult to login, then follow up with this article. The login process is easy and fast.

  • Firstly, visit the Tinder official website and click on the sign in link
  • Then, enter your signup credentials such as your Email or phone number and click on the continue link.
  • A verification code will be sent to you vial email or phone number, kindly verify by typing in the code sent to you in other to sign you in.

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