Tinder Dating Review and It Rules and Regulation


In my previous article, we talked about tinder, which I know by now you must get full insight on what tinder is all about. Our topic for today will revolve around tinder rules and regulations. Just in case you don’t know Tinder has some rules which users must aby to. A lot of users have no idea about the rules and regulation which at the end of the day they end up violating their rules. Kindly stay glued to this article because in this article you get to know the Tinder rules and regulations. So you won’t fall victim of violating their policy.

tinderFor those who are new here and don’t know what Tinder is all about, Kindly read some of our previous article on Tinder. Better still Let me give it a Brief. Tinder is an online dating platform/app, where you get to search for a match. It’s an amazing platform where you meet people of your choice. To use this platform is absolutely free. However, there’s a paid plan which allows you to get access to their paid features.

Don’t get it twisted with the free plan you can get a nice date, just that the free plan might limit you to some features.

What are Tinder Dating Rules?

There’s one thing I need you guys to watch out for. There’s no platform/website without rules or policy, Tinder is not exempted, It has some rules guiding it just like every other platform out there. Below are some of the rules guiding Tinder, so as a user you need to watch out for them.

  • No Scamming

On Tinder, there is no tolerance policy on scam behavior or predatory. You may be disqualified or banned from their platform if they notice you are illegally trying to get Personal/Private information from users

  • Adult Contents

This is not allowed on Tinder while setting up your profile your Bio must be mature, there must not be any form of adult writeup

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  • Molestation / Harassment

As a user, you aren’t permitted to wallow in any form of Harassment or abuse towards another user. There shouldn’t be any form of threat, stalking, insult, bullying, intimidation and so on. For action will be taken if occur.

  • No Immitation

This is an act where you pretending to be someone which you are not for the purpose of fraud or entertainment. This is not acceptable on Tinder, and once you get caught you will be blocked or banned immediately.

  • Confidential Information

As a Tinder user, you aren’t permitted to broadcast publicly confidential information about yourself or another user, it’s highly prohibited on Tinder. Such info includes your password, SSN (social security number), Passport, Financial Info, Email, Your Phone number, Work address, home address and much more.

  • No Spam

You aren’t allowed to drive users from this platform to another platform, probably via link or so. By doing so you are likely to get banned. You have to stay real.

  • Publicity/Promotion

    On this platform you aren’t allowed to promote any event, political campaign, contest, non-profit, research conduct, promote your business and much more. However, you can invite your match to anything you celebrating. Doing but you aren’t allowed to advertise your business and the above listed.

  • Minor

Kindly note that this platform is only from the adult, from the age of 18 and above, so if you are to upload a kid picture, make good sure you are aswell in the picture.

  • Whoring

Do not promote human trafficking, the practice or occupation of working as a prostitute, etc. It’s against their rules and regulation.

  • Violence

Violence and harm are not permitted on Tinder, assaults or any other form of violence are highly prohibited. Self-harm content or suicide are not allowed aswell.

  • Hate Words


Hate words such as religious, race, age, disability, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, etc arent allowed on this platform.