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ToxicWap is one of the best websites to download mobile movies today. It offers you movies and Tv Series for free, you do not need to subscribe for any kind of package. ToxicWap offers a different format of videos, movies and TV series. and also allow users to get access to several songs both foreign and local kinds of music.

ToxicWapI certainly say to you that ToxicWap is one of the best sites for mobile movies, the site offers you a variety of movies from different countries. You can get Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Tv series, episodes, Tv shows, etc.

The website is seen to be one of the quickest sites to release updates of movies. If you are Tv series lover, you will get to receive your favorites recent series update a few hours after it was aired. This means the sites offer their best service to their fans and users.


What is ToxicWap?

Toxicwap is one of the websites that allow users to access the site without any problem, they have limited ads pops up, the site is user friendly and also very easy to access.

Once you launch the website the first thing that drags your attention is the toxicwap logo. The site is so simple and organized after that follow-up list of things they offer, things like

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Tv Series
  • Videos

I will help explain more about the site so that even those visiting for the very first time can have a great idea of how the site works.

However, at the bottom part of the page, you see links like Donate, Search, Contact, and DMCA. Do not worry will be talking about it very shortly. Meanwhile, let’s explain the things offered by the site.

ToxicWap Music

Toxicwap offers a variety of recent and classic music, the good thing about the site is all the things they offer are for free.

You do not need to pay for anything you wish to download on the site. Once you click on the music category you get to see several other subcategories to get amazing music. Categories like

  • New Singles
  • GQOM Singles
  • Albums
  • Mixtapes
  • Upcoming Artists
  • Upload Your Music for promotion
  • Sound Tracks
  • Old School
  • Instrumentals
  • Reggae Music
  • Nigerian Music
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Requested Music
  • 2pac Albums
  • Notorious BIG Albums
  • Angolan Music
  • Tanzania Bongo Music
  • WWW Entrance Theme Songs.

From the list above you sure have an insight into how amazing toxicwap is, but I will focus more on few categories listed above like Instrumentals, Upload your music for promotion, upcoming artists and soundtracks.

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Looking at the subcategories under the music categories you will see how unique Toxiwap is, the offer you more music from all over the world arranging it to you without any issue. You can easily search for any music you want by clicking on the Music search for easy download.

However, the site offers many instrumentals for upcoming artists again for free. You can easily download any instrumental and sing to it, they are one of the few sites that give users this offer for free.

An upcoming artist can easily upload their songs for promotion, sounds great right. The site helps people become famous, if you have a track you wish to promote, they can help you with that.

There is a category for Upcoming artists, there you get access to upcoming artist songs. You can easily download upcoming artist musics and this helps them grow into the entertainment world.

Finally, for those people who love some soundtracks from movies, toxicwap offers you soundtracks from favorite movies.

ToxicWap Movies

In the Movies category, the site offers users your variety of movies. You get to download your movies with ease.

Movies are listed with the year of release attached to the end of the name. Random movies of different years are seen in this category.

But if you have a movie you wish to download and you can not find it among the listed movies, you can easily search the movie.

You can search a movie by going through the search link at the bottom of the site or rather through the listed movies from the A-Z** link.

How to Download 2020 Movies from Toxicwap

Toxicwap offers recent movies, you can get the latest 2020 movies from the site for free. If you want to download 2020 Movies from the site its best and easy to know the name of the movie for fast access.

Once you know the name of the movie you looking for, you go through the search link and search for the movie or rather through the movie category, the A-Z** link and get it from the listed movies on the site.

How to Download 2020 Tv Series from Toxicwap

This is one of the most active categories of the website. You can get your favorite and recent Tv series from toxicwap.

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Once You get through the Tv series category the first thing you get to see is a recently updated series.

Recently updated series are listed to let users and fans know that there is a release from their favorite Tv Series.

However, below that, you get to see three-under links which are more updates, recent updates, and search.

After which you see how well the Tv Series are categorically and alphabetically arranged. The Tv Series are listed from A to Z.

Base on the starting character of several Tv Series, then Numbers, Cartoons, K Drama, and Bollywood. Now you can see how awesome the site is.

Videos/ Movie Feature

In the video category, several video clicks can be gotten from the site. Videos like Music Videos, Old Music Videos, South African Music Videos, Nigerian Music Videos, Kenya Music Videos, Car Videos, Dance Videos, Funny Videos, and Short Cartoons.

Toxicwap possesses so many video clicks, that will keep you amuse and entertain. At the bottom part of the site you get to see the Donate, Search, Contact and DMCA links

You can easily donate to the site via Bitcoin address so to appreciate their service. If you there need to contact the site you can do that with the link below.

Finally, the DMCA is more or less like the terms and conditions of the site, it’s best you read through it to understand their service.

How to download from ToxicWap

Downloading from toxicwap is quite easy since you know how to go through the site to get what you want.


Once you get any file you want to download, let us say music, you can easily see a download link after clicking the music of your choice. But for the case of movies is different.

  • Movies in toxicwap are of high qualities and as such the site split the movie to different parts for easy download.
  • After selecting a movie you want to download, you get different split part of the size depending on the length of the movie. The longer the movie the more split part you get.
  • You download each split site into your device to enjoy.
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