Twitter New Features

Twitter Dark Mode, Twitter New Features

Twitter now has some amazing new features, but before then let’s talk about Twitter as a brand. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking platform, which allows its users to interact with messages, send and receive short posts called ‘Tweets’.

Twitter New FeaturesIt was launched on the 21st of March, 2006 in California, San Francisco, United States. Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone are the founders. If you are a registered Twitter user, you can post, like posts and retweet tweets, while unregistered users can only read them.

What should you tweet about?

Tweeting as an individual, organization, project or group, determines the type of information you tweet about. For example, if you are tweeting for an organization, you may choose to only send research-related tweets.


If you are tweeting as an individual, you tend to mix tweets about your research with tweets about other things, such as news stories, hobbies, and general observation.

List of things you can tweet

  • Links to your blog posts
  • Questions to invite feedback
  • Photographs
  • Replies to other people’s tweets
  • You can also retweet other people’s tweets
  • Interesting items/ items that feature your research
  • New publication or resources you have produced
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Cool New Features on Twitter

Twitter has a lot of new features, which includes:

Twitter Dark mode

The twitter dark mode is an alternative interface that replaces its usual bright, white color. The dark mode is made of shades of gray and black, which is helpful in reducing glare and eye-strain.
The dark mode has two different variations, which are:

  • Dim
  • Lights out

This twitter dark mode can also help in extending your battery life a little because dark pixels draw less power than white ones.

How to enable Twitter dark mode

  • Launch your Twitter app and Go to the main menu
  • Go to setting and privacy
  • Click on Display and sound
  • click on dark mode
  • Select ‘on’
  • Select a variation; Dim (a dark blue background) or Lights out (a black background).

Note: This method is the same for both Android and iPhone, you can also make the dark mode automatic at sunset.

Retweet with comments

With this feature, retweets give you the option of adding a quote or comment to your retweet. If you add a quote to your retweet, you still have all your 140 characters to work with and a link to the original post.

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Full-size images

As always, Twitter has allowed its users to tweet photos or attach photos to tweets, but the images were cropped. Lately, Twitter has changed its images display and has started showing the full-size image.

Changing Favorite to Like

One of the recent updates on twitter includes the change of favorite to like. Formally, the favorite button was designed by a star, but recently, it has been changed to a like button designed by a heart.

Gifs on Twitter

With this new feature, you can now upload gifs directly to your twitter from your desktop. There are lots of gifs now on twitter chats, which enables you to also respond to tweet with gifs. Using gifs while chatting is a fun way to add a bit of silliness to your twitter.


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