Coronavirus App

UK Government Launches Its First Coronavirus App


UK Government Launches Its First Coronavirus App. This week, the government of the UK. Launched its first tracing coronavirus contact application on an island situated off the south coast of England.

Coronavirus AppUK Government Launches Its First Coronavirus App.

The Coronavirus App uses Bluetooth technology to inform users if they have been in contact with a patient who tested positive or someone showing signs of the virus.

The Coronavirus App was designed by the NHS (National Health Service). NHS will upload information via the application to assist other health experts on how to handle the behavior of the virus.


The United Kingdom has decided to not use technology designed jointly by Google (GOOGL) and Apple (AAPL), it would save data to individuals devices. Instead, they decide to respect individuals’ privacy keeping the UK privacy rules by encrypting and storing their data by the health authorities.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, minister Michael Gove said. The UK government hopes in the 80,000 households on the Isle of Wight more than half of them should download the application after being launched.

If the test of the app is successful, it will later this may go across the country, the minister added.

The application can be of great help in reducing the spread of the virus. According to an infectious disease expert at Oxford University Christopher Fraser. Who is assisting in the design of the application.

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And he has also investigated other outbreaks like SARS, EBOLA, and H/N claims the application will be of great help in containing the virus. Of people get alerted of being exposed, they can take preventive measures.

Moreover, Fraser told reporters last month, at least 60% of the population should download the application for use to really contain the virus.

The application asks users how they relate to the symptoms of the virus. If it shows that they may have the symptoms of the virus to be positive. Other users that have exposed themselves will be asked to self-isolate.

The sick individual rest can be in the application, the government said. The application will then inform the user if it was a false alarm or if he needs to go for a test or quarantine.

The UK app is already facing criticism from privacy advocates. They argued that the decentralized approach to managing the data on the application may give chances to spying on citizens.

While other experts argued that placing the data on a central location protects the application from being exposed to hackers. It also gives the government a better way to track and study the application and the infection.

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The application creation in National Health Service is led by Matthew Gould, On Monday, told the UK parliamentary committee. That centralizing the data in the app can help health authorities to get a better review of important information.

Information such as symptoms is likely to lead to a patient being diagnosed positive. And also to know the difference in contagion because symptoms development depends on time.

Gould added that “if privacy is the only problem. Then it may well be that the best approach is the decentralized one, and should be the default choice. He also added that the app development is in consultation with the UK’s Information Commissioner.


It is in our view and interest that a centralized approach gave us the potential. Though we are not getting personal data from the app users. Important data that will help in the containment of the virus will be of help to us all.

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