US Election 2020

US Election 2020 Update: Who will win the 2020 Presidential Election?


The US election 2020 is a week away from now. And as the presidential debates are over, we are now into the last day of campaigning. However, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown out so many aspects of the race into unpredictability.

The coronavirus has already affected the smooth run of the US 2020 election dramatically, not excluding the disarray. Or the disorganization that was caused by President Donald Trump tested positive for the deadly virus, coronavirus, often called “COVID-19”.

It is not so clear what or how the US 2020 election day will look like self. With the high risk of contracting the coronavirus if we eventually, vote in person.


A large number of people have been casting their ballot already by post. Election experts say that this might mean that the result may not be announced on the night of the election. However, it might take some days or even some weeks to appear.

US Election 2020

With the outbreak of the coronavirus that resulted in total lockdown everywhere and brought fear into our minds. It was supposed to put in public life well into the autumn. The US 2020 Election is no doubt to drop down in history as
one of the most unusual US presidential races that were held ever.

In face of the unpredictability. There are still a few aspects of the election process that are being preserved in the US constitution.

Keep reading to know to see some clues on how the race will eventually play out.

The US 2020 Election is what date?

The United States Presidential election is on the 3rd of November, 2020.

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President Donald Trump has floated holding back the election already, just in a tweet which indicated the rule changes making it very easy for voters to make use of postal ballots in so many states could result in a “rigged election”.

Donald Trump has denied that, notwithstanding himself making use of it in the past, mail-in voting is easily open more to swindling and fraud. A lot of elections have asked questions if it is really possible for postal voting to result in fraud, just as Donald Trump claims.

However, has indicated that a predicted increase in postal voting could lead to so many problems.

Although, the date of the election isn’t written into the US Constitution, so it is very possible that a delay could occur. However, the constitution in January drafted a date for the inauguration of the newly elected president.

But, the ability to change or utter the election date really depends on the US Congress, also, the Democratic withhold the majority in a chamber, the House of Representatives. Thereby making it so unlikely that a delay would be later approved.

How does the US election voting works?

The US Presidential election vote is a very simple and straightforward choice between candidates from the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party. From time to time, a third-party candidate will join the race, just like Kanye West this year, but it is a little bit rare for them to receive traction or even make an important impact.

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Any US Presidential candidate must meet these three criteria to be eligible for the campaign:

  • He or she must be a US citizen right from birth.
  • The person must be up to 35 years old at least to qualify.
  • He or she must have resided in the US for 14
    years at least.

Then the two major political parties must hold primaries as well as caucuses during an election year over the country to choose who they wish to stand in for them on the ballot.

Who will win the US election of 2020?

We can’t say who will win the US election of 2020, however, with the polls and results from voting, you can easily predict the winner.

Joe Biden is currently topping Donald Trump in the national polls as the US is looking forward to their 2020 presidential election.

The 10 poll average shows that half of Americans are ready to back Joe Biden whereas Donald Trump’s support is around 7 or 8 points.

Although, Americans will cast their votes on the 3rd of November, 2020 which is on Tuesday. To choose the next president of their country. Either by granting another four years to Donald Trump. Or just handling the White House key over to Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

US Election Polls – US Election Prediction

View the US Presidential Election Polls below:

US Poll

Here is the State Poll below:

State Polls

View the National Poll below:


National Polls

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