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US Election Update: What We Know So Far About the Election


US Election Update. According to the results we have seen so far, it is very clear that Joe Biden has the greatest path to victory.

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate has won 264 votes out of the 270 electoral college votes that are required of either of both candidates to claim victory. Thereby building his lead with wins on Wednesday in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Whereas, President Donald Trump has gained 214 electoral votes after receiving one vote in Maine.


Earlier on Friday, Joe Biden holds a strong lead in Nevada, which has 6 electoral college votes just enough to place him above the line.

us election update

The lead of Donald Trump in Georgia kept on narrowing on Thursday. And on Friday, Joe Biden has 917 votes ahead in the state and placing it on him reach of its electoral college votes of 16. Also, more people from Georgia voted very well by mail than they voted in total in the year 2016 and these mail-in ballots are skewing blue.

As of the afternoon of Thursday, Donald Trump had led in the state by 13,000 votes.

Joe Biden, the Democratic challenger could as well net Pennsylvania, which could give him 20 votes. The state has close to 175,000 unprocessed ballots, with about 18,000 votes differentiating the two candidates.

However, on Thursday, Joe Biden called for patience as the vote was being counted. Whereas President Donald Trump wrongly claimed at a news conference in White House that he was leading in legal votes. But he was interrupted by US TV networks who later corrected what he had said.

US Election Update: Donald Trump declares his victory over Biden falsely

Like I said earlier, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump having electoral votes of 264, while Trump has an electoral vote of 214. And as it is, either of the candidates must have 270 electoral votes to win the presidential race. Well,
this race has been much nearer than others anticipated.

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Even if a lot of battleground states remain too near to call, Donald Trump has unfoundedly claimed victory. He also claimed baselessly that there has been “a fraud on the American public” and he has threatened to sue results at the supreme court.

Joe Biden has been announced the winner of Arizona and its electoral votes of 11, thereby reducing Donald Trump’s road to victory. Mr. Biden could afford to lose Pennsylvania potentially and still take the lead if he takes Michigan and Wisconsin.

Although, Donald Trump has taken the lead in Florida with its electoral college votes of 29, dealing with a blow to his rival.

Shortly after Donald Trump won in Florida, Biden summoned his supporters saying:

“I believe we’re on track to win this election”. Addressing them in Delaware, he said: “We knew this was going to belong’, however, “we feel good about where we are”.

Donald Trump is threatening to sue his way to re-count election

US Election Update:

Donald Trump, together with his campaign has charged to stop the counting of votes in Pennsylvania and Georgia, the battleground states, which have not been called by AP, the Associated Press yet. As well as Michigan, which the Associated Press called for Joe Biden.

The judges in Georgia and Michigan discharged the campaign’s lawsuits on Thursday immediately.

Also, the campaign of Donald Trump has asked for a recount of the votes in Wisconsin. Of which the Associated Press called for Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. Now, there is no proof to show that the legal challenges of the campaign will get a bearing below the law on the result of the election.

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Is it possible that Donald Trump wins this election?

US Election Update:

Well, with the current votes, we should be able to determine the winner. However, we cant be so sure as all votes haven’t been counted yet.

A state like Alaska hasn’t been called for Donald Trump yet. But the result is of no doubt. Trump is to win in three electoral college votes, making him have a vote 0f 217.

So, to safeguard the remaining 53 votes to win the presidential race. Donald Trump would have to lead in the remaining four states together with their 57 votes. These states include Georgia – 16 votes, Nevada – 6 votes, North Carolina – 15 votes, and Pennsylvania – 20 votes.

US Election Update: When are we getting a winner?

US Election Update. With the 20 electoral votes that would move Joe Biden to 270 electoral votes, that is if it favors him. Pennsylvania could be announced soon.


Georgia could as well be announced soon.

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