Watch: Sophia the Robot and Will Smith amazing Awkward date


A nice and lovely chat or date :). Will Smith met Sophia the Robot at the Cayman Islands, which they discussed about somany things.

Sophia the Robot: Will Smith met Sophia and they had an amazing awkward date


Sofia the Robot is an Artificial intelligent robot, developed by Hong Kong based company called Hanson Robot. The robot have been covered in meadia and however, people are trilled at the intelligent of the AI robot.

Her/it’s first appearance was in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. The A.I robot is able to display upto 62 Facial expression.

The chat with the robot was fun and very enjoyable to watch. Will Smith’s date was kind of awkward as he asked for a date with Sofia, and also asked of her favorite music and much more.

However, in the video, Will smith tries to kiss the robot which was fun as she rejects his kiss. Watch Video between Sofia the Robot and Will Smith.


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