most played games on iPhone

What are the Most Played Games on iPhone?


I keep getting this Question that says What are the most played games on iPhone? For gamers all over the world, we are to rank games base on their popularity or most played in 2020. These games are both free and paid, in this list of the most played mobile games it includes, multiplayer, battle royales, tower defense games, arcade, puzzle, sports games, etc.

Most Played Games on iPhone

However, when gamers get into a game, they end to find a comfort sport, curl themselves on the sofa, wrapped with blanket, and dive into the game they are playing in their smartphone. If you are a lover of the game, their no device to buy than the iPhone. It has over a million application that is available in Apple App Store, gaming option for iPhone users is almost limitless.


most played games on iPhone


Fortnite is one of the most popular action games on iPhone. The game is an arcade-like game that unveils new weapons, game modes, and also challenges, with its update and wonderful graphics the game tends to get hotter than what it used to be. It has a PC version and it is very thrilling and it is available for free, it is a must download game to play.

PUBG Mobile

most played games on iPhone

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a free action shooter game that gives you an experience of surviving on an island. In the game, you will be left on an island to survive with other 99 players. The game has a PC version and what makes it better on the mobile version is that it runs better.

It’s fun gameplay as you will parachute in, move to buildings to gear up, and try your best to survive to the ending. You can fight alone or team up with up to 4 other players, you have to be very careful for this game is very much addictive. The game is available for free.

The Room: Old Sins

most played games on iPhone

This is a creepy puzzle game. The room series is agreed to be one of the most amazing puzzle game to be created on any platform. The format of the game still remains the same. You have to solve a series of puzzle objects to move o another stage of a puzzle and to another with a small piece of the story.

Just like other games in the series, Old sins tend to be more brilliant and requires mental challenge and it is satisfying. You need to search an artifact in the Waldegrave Manor after a report of a missing engineer.

Asphalt 9: Legends

most played games on iPhone

For car race lovers, this is one of the most played racing games on iPhone. You will spill in a different collection of over 60 cars in the luxury of your small screen. The game is more addictive and fun. You move to different routes of the game, with a hunger for boost and drift. The game is more fun as you win races, earn money, and even get more to buy parts for your cars or upgrade to better cars.

Clash Royale

most played games on iPhone

Clash Royale is one of the best multiplayer games currently. It is very addictive and fun. You play with your opponent with varieties of magical cards that has spells and minions, with the purpose of bringing down their castles and towels.

It more interesting as it sounds, as some cards excel in other places, it tends to be weaker to other cards. You need to get more cards as you play to be stronger and defeat other players to earn gold. Clash Royale is a free game but has paid elements and also to get some certain cards.

Call of Duty Mobile

most played games on iPhone

It is not always you get to see epic shooter series of games on iPhone, but with the Call of Duty Mobile is really epic and great.

The game also features multiplayer, and every other thing you can expect. You get to unlock new things as you pass different stages, things like weapons, outfits, and loadouts, and use them to defeat more enemies.

The game is surprisingly interesting, as the mobile controls are more intuitive to a PC expect might expect. Call of Duty Mobile is free to play, But there are some little charges along the way.

Stickman Hook.

most played games on iPhone

The game has a simple idea and graphical arrangement but it is very engaging. You need to hook onto points by tapping so to avoid obstacles and to get at the end of the stage. The game got a little concept of Spider-Man’s moving abilities, it also makes it more fun.

As you move to new levels so the speed increases and you need to swing faster. The more you play you tend to unlock new characters that you can swing with, even a lemon and a cheeseburger.

Candy Crush Sega

It is one of the most played and addictive games on all platforms. Candy Crush Saga is recent and greatest of the great franchise of King’s franchise. The game gets very popular and addictive because it is a very fun game to play.

As you move to other stages it gets difficult and you might be forced to squeeze out money for extra lives to keep playing. Be careful for the game is really an addictive and time-consuming game.

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has done a great job converting some of its biggest games into the mobile versions. Mario Kart Tour is one of the recent Nintendo games to be on a smaller screen. The game broke the download records made by Pokemon Go. It has a very simple gameplay and also charming characters.

The game is free to play but needs money to unlock some premium elements. The fastest level to race can be seen in the Gold Pass, but that will cost you $5 monthly. As you pass different stages you will open new characters and stages too. Though most of the games require money there is still enough fun for free users.

Pokemon Masters.


Although Pokemon Sword and Shield are yet to be on mobile devices, Pokemon masters give us most we need from the Pokemon series.


As you are dropped on an island of Pasio, you need to bring together a team of three Pokemon to fight the famous Trainers that are around the Pokemon world. The game has a multiplayer, as you can team up with your friends to win missions and move to progressive stages.

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