Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating and How does it works?

It is easier to find love through what you what with Facebook Dating. With things you have in common, like interests, events, and groups it will help you start a reasonable relationship. It gives you an authentic look of someone by taking out the work of creating a dating profile.

Facebook DatingWe are aware that getting a romantic partner is really personal, so Facebook had to make the dating safe, inclusive and decision to participate.

In the Facebook Dating product, the major thing is its safety, privacy, and security. Facebook worked with experts to make sure the Facebook dating is built with high protection from the stat, even with the option to block and report anyone.


It also forbids people from sending links, payments of any kind, photos and videos in messages. You get peace of mind with these features and others in the Facebook dating.

How Does Facebook Dating work?.

You can choose to switch to FB Dating if you want to today and create a dating profile that is separate from your main FB profile.

If you have downloaded the latest version of Facebook, and you are 18 years and above you can have access to switching to the Dating profile.

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Others that have switched will get you as a suggestion. People get suggestions base on what the prefer, interested in and things you do on your main Facebook.

If you are not interested there is no need for switching. However, Facebook Dating connects you with mutual friends and others that are not in your friend circle.

It won’t match you with your friends from your FB profile unless you make the selection of using Secret Crush and you can both add yourself to your lists. All the dating activities will be in the Facebook Dating, and won’t be shared with the rest of your FB.

Major Features in Facebook Dating

To be able to connect and share both Facebook and Instagram stories. The decision of liking someone immediately with just their profile will no longer be the case.

With the stories in FB Dating, you can know more about the person. This will help you get to know someone even when you are a match or after matching.

Secret Crush

This is a feature that matches you with someone you already know on Facebook and/or Instagram. By default, you won’t be matched with your current friends on Facebook.

But some people are interested in romantic relationships with their friends. As such, the Secret Crush feature connects you with up to nine of your friends on Facebook and Instagram that you are interested in.

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You can connect your Instagram profile with your Facebook Dating.

You can build a better profile on your Facebook Dating by your stories uploaded on your Instagram. With that, it is easier to build a dating profile that is captivating.

This will show more aspects of your life, and share connections that will boost conversation.

You feel safe sharing some personal details.

Using FB Dating you can safely share personal details to someone you trust. Details like date of birth, upcoming date, and live locations.

Moreover, it’s your choice to enable or disable this feature and with that, you are in control of how to use the feature.


Including the USA, the FB Dating is available to 19 other countries like Bolivia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Chile, Singapore, Philippines, Peru, Suriname, Thailand, Mexico, Laos, Malaysia, Uruguay, and Vietnam. It moves to Europe in early 2020.


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