What is Gamification, Benefits, and how to get started

Gamification is the act of adding motivational factors to a person’s daily activities however, as the name indicates, it a word that sounds familiar from Gamification. Both video and board games give some kind of prize or recognition when you meet a goal or win.Gamification Gamification is the act of adding game mechanics into nongame environments, just like website, online, learning management system including business intranet to increase participation.

It can also de defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using the characteristics of game elements.

How To Gamify

You can do this by turning anything and everything into a game. It just takes a little time t plan. The first thing to do is work out what you would like to complete.
Meanwhile, It might be a goal as big as working toward a promotion at your job. The reward you are working toward must be something you actively want.


Gamification is a fancy word that has been used in the education and also learning sector for many years.

Benefits of Gamification

Like I said earlier, Gamification makes the difficult stuff more fun and also helps motivate students and make them more indulge with the subject matter. One big area where gamification is highly accepted is in education. Here are the most compelling benefits of gamification

  • Makes Learning Fun and Interactive
    The gamification of learning can help you build exciting, educational, and entertaining content. one of the main benefits of it is that it makes learning informative and also exciting, all thanks to its interactivity.
  • Creates an addiction to learning
    Another benefit is the natural high it can provide for us, and the impact that high has on the basis of knowledge. it releases dopamine when it is time for our brain to reward us.
  • Offers Real-time Feedback
    The gamification of learning allows employees to work towards real-time, measurable, meaningful targets, and also get upper-level feedback as those targets are accomplished.
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Gamification Tools

Technology has truly helped connect afar even throughout the pandemic. However, they are many tools you can access to gamify your life:

  • SuperBetter
    This takes on the hard things in a creative way. You will be able to complete simple tasks that can help you to work your way to your ultimate goal.
  • Foursquare
    This explains new things in your area or somewhere new. You will gain points and also compete with friends as you go on to complete activities in pandemic-safe ways.
  • Flitocracy
    ThIS Immerses you during a role-playing game. You will become very healthy as you complete these goals.
  • SmartyPig
    This particular app puts the time you are saving as your end goal and also tells you when it is time to invest money aside for it.

Some Gamification Best Practices

Here are some top gamification below because successful gamification does not happen overnight

  • Determine how compelling your content is
  • Establish a Timeframe
  • Figure out the time to market
  • Measure results

Get to Gamifying Today

It adds motivation, and it has become a means of achieving every task. Even though you are facing some challenges, with gamification you can pass through those challenges.


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