Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which is the Best App for you


Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: A Detailed Comparison: WhatsApp currently is the biggest and largest messaging service in the world with more than 3billion monthly active users. While Telegram account follows with 500 million and Signal stands at an approximation of 10-20 million monthly active users.

It is very clear that WhatsApp is strongly popular and almost universal while Telegram is trying to catch and Signal as well which they have joined the million downloads race.


WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: The Best Messaging App for you

The competition between Whatsapp vs Signal vs Telegram is even higher since Whatsapp in 2021 updated the conditions and terms currently.

  • End-to-end encryption
    WhatsApp is said to be one of the safest messaging applications on the planet currently and yes it is. The application comes with E2E that makes sure that only the recipient and the sender can read the messages and not even Whatsapp can read them. Telegram does not offer E2E but instead uses something the company calls Client-Server encryption, Which simply means that telegram has access to the contents of the messages being sent through its platform. The application ‘Secret Chat’ option offers E2E.  On the other hand, Signal is the most secure app among the three application, it does not just offer E2E, but also it does not back up anything on the cloud so there is no way that the messages can strike a balance.
  • Vanishing Messages
    The three platforms offer vanishing message features. With this feature, all the messages you send in this mode will vanish after a period of time. Just know that WhatsApp users get the option to save a message on Disspearing Messages mode before the content is automatically deleted.
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Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal

  • Chat Backup
    Telegram does not offer backups, instead, all of its chats are synced with its own cloud and channel content between devices. WhatsApp comes with an auto cloud backup feature that backs up your chat on third-party cloud services like iCloud for free and Google. You have the choice of disabling the backup option in WhatsApp in the app’s settings. Hence, Signal doe not offer any type of cloud backup and stores all the content locally on the device. But the only disadvantage with this is that if your device vanishes or you switch off the phone, you will not be able to retrieve old messages as they are stored locally.
  • Group Chat and security.
    Signal allows up to 1,000 participants in a group with video and voice calling for up to 5 people. It offers E2E for its group chats which are not backed up on the cloud.
    Whatsapp offers group support for up to 256 people with the option of making video or voice calls with at least 8 different people. The messages on groups are E2E.
    Telegram offers users the chance to connect with a larger group with the option of allowing up to 200,000 people in a group. It also has a feature where just only the admin can only send a message to the group’s participants which is a very good feature for business and a new portal for sharing updates and other vital information.

Other Features of Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal

The three applications come with an option to lock the app with the biometrics or pin. On the other hand, Whatsapp and Telegram support the desktop, but Signal doe not have a browser version. Those who use telegram don’t need an active internet connection on their device to browse.

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Data Collected
WhatsApp collects the most amount of data from its users among the three Whsatpp. Below is a list of what information WhatsApp collects:

  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Device information
  • Ad data
  • Email address
  • Purchase history
  • Various other user-related information
  • Contacts

Telegram collects limited information about its users such as:

  • User ID
  • Contact information
  • Phone number

Apart from the user’s phone number, the signal does not collect any other information.

Who Owns Telegram?


Pavel Durov is the founder and major owner of messaging app Telegram Messenger, which has nearly 500 million users worldwide. He is well known as Russia’s Zukerberg because he also invented and created Vkontakte, Russia’s largest social network.

What Signal and Telegram Have in Common

  • Signal and Telegram both advertise themselves as private and secure. None of them is owned by a big tech company. Telegram is owned by a for-profit company while the signal on the other hand is owned by a non-profit organization.
  • Signal and Telegram are both applications that you can chat with people with all the standard features, from stickers to photo and fil transfers to voice and video calls.
  • Signal and Telegram both offer apps for iPad, iPad, and also Android. Each of them is free. All you need is a phone number to sign up
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