Windows 10 Night Mode: How to Enable Windows 10 Night Mode


This article focuses on how to enable Windows 10 night mode. Looking at your computer at night might be tiring sometimes due to the light. So windows offer a setting called Dark Mode, it applies a dark theme to the apps you get from the Windows Store. The Dark mode enable you to dim the lights in Windows 10. It helps to decrease eye strain, lessen sleep disruption, and even save battery life.

Windows 10The dark mode is an easy way to customize your system’s color scheme. It displays darker tones on your system that are easier on the eyes. As a Windows 10 users, you don’t need to worry about straining your eyes, because you can reduce eye strain by using the Windows 10’s dark mode. When you prolong computer and smartphone use, it possible for you to have a problem with your eyes.


So to reduce the possibility of straining your eyes while using your computer, we will enlighten you on how to use the Dark theme on your Windows 10 device. The dark mode also called dark theme makes your whole desktop looking dark to protect your eyes.

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How to Enable Windows 10 Night Mode

  • Click on the Windows Start menu icon and select the gear icon to open the settings. Another method you can use to open the “setting”, enter “settings” in the search bar and press Enter.
  • The next step is to click on the Personalization then Colors option.
  • Kindly scroll down to select your default app mode section.
  • Now, choose the Dark option and wait for it to change to dark color.
  • With this, you have successfully Enable Windows 10 Night Mode on your computer.

NOTE: It is not all aspects of Windows 10 that will change to dark mode. For example, file Explorer will still use the default color scheme. You also need to enable third-party apps with their own dark themes. The Windows 10 dark mode only applied to settings menus, and apps like Microsoft Store, Mail, and Calculator.