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Work from Home: 5 Jobs you can do at Home During and After Isolation


As the coronavirus spread throughout the world, affecting businesses across the globe as employees are to work from home. While many people are unable to do anything from home.

Work from HomeAbout 10 years ago, the work from home job was not really profitable and popular. It was even much harder to figure scams and real opportunities before the growth of the internet.

In 2020 and beyond, the work-at-home jobs that have been questionable is still out there. But as things improved and technology grew with the birth of social media, this created new jobs that are really legitimate.


Work from Home: 5 Jobs you can do at Home During and After Isolation

If you looking for jobs to do at home during and after the isolation period below are some Jobs that can really help you.

1. Data Entry

Many businesses need people to help them enter various data into their systems. This data might be used to either track inventory or shipments, to create a business plan, or even to measure performance or output. Jobs like this basically requires little skills like typing and a computer. Many data entry workers can easily work from home and in a way that fits their lives.

Data entry workers earn about $30,100 national median wage in 2016 according to the BLS, though the 10% top earns more than $45,000. You can easily get dozens of data entry job from sites like,, and, and also other jobs.

2. Blogging For a Living (Can earn $500, $1000 and above Monthly)

This is one of the most reliable and easy ways to make money from home. Becoming a blogger is different from other work-at-home jobs you can think of because you have to decide and build it yourself.

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Owning a blog is not expensive, you do not need much capital, you majorly need to get a domain name which cost an average of $12 in a year and also a little amount of $7.99 per month for web hosting.

However, their lots of potential for those who are able to write and build their audience, grow their blog, and also know how to generate money through blogging. Some of the major ways a blogger generates money are through Google AdSense, sponsored posts, affiliate advertising, and also selling of products.


There are some interesting fact about blogging

  • Blogging is known to becoming your own boss
  • It is known for authority
  • Blogging helps you discover yourself
  • Being a blogger also gives you fame
  • You get your freedom
  • With blogging, you tend to learn new things every day.
  • Blogging is known for traveling and working
  • For the most important part to people, as they only think of is “Blogging is known for money”.

3.Call-Center Representative.

Many companies and businesses need workers to answer the phone at all hours. To assist customers, and also process orders or deals. However, the majority of the business operates online, and a good number of people that work in the customer service work from home.

You only need a computer and some specific software or tool to become a call-center rep working from home.

Having a nice phone voice can actually help and more for you if you have experience in customer service, retail sales, data entry or management. You can get jobs of this such as dozens of sites including,, and

4. Travel Agent

Though the demand for this job tends to decrease in the next decade to come. The opportunities are still there to be a Travel agent. If you are good at going through the internet and getting clients.

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Helping them plan their adventures is a good one for you. According to  BLS, those who offer expertise in certain regions of the world have the possibility to be a Travel Agent. You have to have the experience of planning tours. Or adventures, or rather focusing on group travel.

In 2016, about 15% of travel agents were self-employed, but many others work in a travel arrangement and reservation services industry. A median wage of $36,460 earning is made by Travel Agents.

5. Freelance Writer

Lately, writers are needed to generate articles now than before. For them to create content, and to come up with ideas that are creative to fill pages in sites on the internet. Although many big sites have writers who write for them from home. Many other growing sites hire freelance writers to create content for them.

You need to have writing experience, but the major thing you need to focus more on is your drive, ambition, and way to make a unique angle on events that happens daily.

A freelance writing job can be gotten in sites like, and Media Bistro. You will need a portfolio of good work to get hired or attached to your resume for some samples of your writings.

The fees for freelance writers vary and also depend on the job. But many writers earn up to $150 for an article and others about $1,500 when a piece is finished. BLS notes that the average earning of a writer is about $61,000 in 2016. And the top 10% earns up to $118, 640.


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