With/Without Work Permit Jobs: Work in the USA with or without a Job Permit – Apply Now

Many jobs obtained in the USA require the use of a job permit most especially if you are an immigrant coming into the country. In this article, we would be showing you a few ways in which you can work in the USA with or without a job permit.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 250,000+ applicants seeking a job in the United States each year. And 45% of these applicants apply for an H1B visa to work in the USA, and 30% apply for an L1 Transfer company visa.

The success rate for each applicant is said to be around 50%, which is why having the right strategy and approach is important. More importantly, there are ways to still get these jobs even without a job permit.


The reason most jobs require a work permit is that the USCIS has to approve your eligibility of working in a company in the USA. You first file a petition to the USCIS, if they consider you eligible; you can then apply for a work visa/job permit.

But there are visas that don’t require you to be approved before getting a job in the USA. This way, you can apply for a job in the USA using these visas. Without any further delay, let’s look at the 2 visas that you can apply for to get a job without the need for a job permit.

  1. EB-5 Visa
  2. EB-1A Visa

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa otherwise known as an investor’s visa is reserved for immigrants that are into business or trading. These individuals are required to be able to invest at least $500,000 into the USA economy. To work in the USA without a job permit would require you to have this visa type.

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Most applicants for this visa have a futuristic goal of getting a green card after some years in the country. And this can easily be attained if you are willing to invest long-term in the USA economy.

The question now is why would you want to invest in the USA economy? The United States is considered to have some of the biggest industries and fortune 500 companies in the world.

Its economy is said to rival most top world countries like China, Russia, and Britain. Investing in the USA economy would not only skyrocket your business but also gives you the opportunity to earn in USD.

The EB-5 visa does not require a job offer; in fact, you will be creating jobs for others. Take the step now and apply if you meet all the requirements for this visa.

EB-1A Visa

Another visa that allows you to work in the USA without a job permit is the EB-1A visa. This special kind of visa is meant for immigrants that have attained a high level of professionalism and achievement.

It is given to those who have exceptional and extraordinary expertise in various fields such as science, art, business, medicine, education, or athletics. These people are able to make a great impact on the USA’s social-economic landscape.

People who are CEOs or managers of their own successful companies are also eligible for such visas. How can you demonstrate your exceptional skill?

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The USCIS ascertains your level of impact in your field through certain means such as awards, publications, books, or references. Receiving an internationally recognized award can place you on the radar of the USCIS.

This in return can help increase your eligibility status to get the EB-1A visa approved. How you can proceed is to start gathering your proof. You can talk to an immigration lawyer that can help you determine your level of social and economic impact.

Other types of visas that require a job offer are the EB-2 and EB-3 visas. With this, you need to have a job permit before you can be allowed to work in the USA. It is advisable that if you don’t have a sponsor for these visas, you can always seek out for one either company sponsors or family sponsors.

How to Apply

Knowing your eligibility status is important because it can help you determine what type of visa to go for. If it comes down to it, you can seek professional assistance to help you during your application process.

One key note to have in mind is that during your application process, it is essential to always stick to one profile. Don’t create more than one visa profile and make sure all documents submitted for reviews are correct.

Seek a legal expert to guide you through this application process. Apply now using this link.


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